How we help

TECO Group provides expert information gathering, management and analysis in community and environmental issues, eliminating information asymmetry among stakeholders, clarifying risks, suggesting risk management strategy and providing a basis for monitoring, reporting and verification

The context

Chile is a vibrant, exciting country, whose economy is growing rapidly and whose people are increasingly aware of the negative social and environmental externalities that can result from careless growth.

In this environment, the exchange of up-to-date and reliable information is key to good decision-making on the part of project proponents, communities, individuals and the government.

Project proponents cannot assess their project risks without a clear understanding of important social and environmental variables.

Indigenous communities cannot exercise their rights within frameworks like Convention 169 of the ILO without a clear understanding of activities proposed for their traditional territories and the benefits and consequences of those activities.

Governments can neither plan nor regulate development without a clear understanding of the impacts of their regulations on stakeholders, and how those stakeholders react in the presence of those regulations.

Individuals are buried under an avalanche of on-line information of questionable reliability and struggle to make sense of contradictions to arrive at the decisions they must make in their daily lives.

How do we bring some clarity to this situation?  We invite you to read on...